Picklers Since 1906.
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Picklers since since 1906.
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Drivers Foods Ltd

Picklers Since 1906.

The Driver family can trace its roots back to the mid 19th century when they first started serving the local community with a grocery shop in the market town of Ibstock, then later in City of Leicester.

The family started producing pickles to sell in its shops around 1902, the demand was such that in 1906 Driver’s Pickle and Vinegar Company was established by Frederick Charles Driver. Its main business centred around Pickled Onions and Malt Vinegar selling to local fishmongers and to other grocery shops in and around Leicester.

More than 100 years on, the company today is owned by the fourth generation of Driver’s and we take pride in that the products today are still made in the same tradition as in Fredericks era.

Our History

Sustainability At Drivers

Making the world a better place, step by step.

Here at Driver’s, we are committed to creating a sustainable production cycle, and finding methods to be more environmentally conscious with the energy we use.

In 2019, we committed to take a more progressive approach towards the utilities that power our business. We are now proud to say that the electricity we use in the production of our goods will be 100% renewable, with zero carbon emissions by May 2020. By sourcing our electricity from Wind, Hydro and Solar we hope to reduce the impact that our business has on the environment in which we live.

In 2020, we also pledged to scrutinise our use of vital commodities such as water. Our engineers have been hard at work developing a new water-recycling system that will be at the heart of our production. We project that this will reduce our water consumption levels by around 35%; that equates to around 4,000,000 Litres every year!

Although we’ve already made great progress in a short space of time, we won’t stop there. We aim to continually improve our level of sustainability, with many projects in the pipeline!

Check back with us for updates or get in contact with the team to hear about the steps we’re taking to tackle climate change!